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19. 5. 2007 14:58

Czechs and Austrians Could Exchange DNA Information

The Czech Republic and Austria could exchange DNA information crucial for convicting criminal offenders. Austrian Interior Minister Günter Platter and his Czech opposite number Ivan Langer today met in Prague to discuss the so-called Prüm Agreement.

Austria would be highly interested in the Czech Republic’s involvement in the exchange of information. According to Langer, it will do its utmost to help the Czech Republic to share information from the DNA register, dactyloscopic prints and the car register, while enjoying all the ensuing advantages.

Austria has already been exchanging such information with Germany for several months now, and thanks to that a great number of cases, including a murder, have already been solved, said Platter.

Exchange of such data is provided for by the 2005 Prüm Agreement, signed by Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, and Spain. Germany, as the country currently presiding the EU, plans to translate parts of the Agreement into the European legislation.

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is the carrier of genetic information which - in addition to other purposes - facilitates identification of persons. Its sample may be obtained for example from saliva, blood, and bodily tissues. With the help of DNA information the police has succeeded in clarifying crimes several years old.

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