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15. 12. 2009 15:21

Czech Republic will make a donation to poor countries for the struggle against climate change

Prime Minister Jan Fischer represents the Czech Republic on two day EU summit.

Prime Minister Jan Fischer represents the Czech Republic on a two day EU summit in Brussels which started yesterday on 10th December 2009. The chief topic for discussions between representatives of EU Member States is a strategy for the future in the fight against the economic crisis and global warming.

The outcome of the two day summit is the sum of 7.2 billion euros (187 billion CZK), which will be used for the fight against climate change in 2010-2012. The final amount has been agreed by the representatives of the EU Member States at todays meeting. The initial estimates were around 5 or 7 billion euros (130-182 billion CZK).

The Czech Republic will donate 12 billion euros (300 billion CZK) which will be used by poor countries in the fight against climate change. This financial contribution, according to Prime Minister Fischer, will be accessed from resources which are designated to aid developing countries. The Prime Minister announced after yesterdays discussions at the summit, that it is still not yet decided which parts of the world will receive the donation.

According to the Swedish Secretary of State Fredrik Reinfeld, who is also the Prime Minister of the EU Presidency State which hosts the formal meeting of the EU Member States, the donation was already promised by more than half of all EU Member States before the meeting. The UK for example promised a donation of approximately 22.8 billion CZK, Sweden promised 800 billion euros (20.6 billion CZK) and Belgium which has approximately the same population as the Czech Republic, offered 150 billion euros (3.9 billion CZK). Hungary is not prepared to offer a donation as it is seriously struggling with a financial crisis.

EU has made a commitment to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. If other world super powers make a similar commitment the EU commitment will be increased to 30%. The climate change issue is currently being discussed at the conference in Copenhagen.

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