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29. 6. 2009 16:26

Czech Presidency as a series of results

The Committee for the EU of the Czech Government today adopted a summary of the “Results of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU”, outlining the achievements of the Czech Presidency.

The Czech EU Presidency took place under difficult conditions, due to the economic crisis, an unstable international situation and the end of the term of office of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Despite these challenges, during the six months of its Presidency, the Czech Republic scored a number of tangible results and outstanding achievements. The Czech Republic brokered more than 80 concrete measures in the European Parliament; proved itself to be a good crisis manager; resolutely rejected protectionist tendencies and put through measures to boost European economy. Under the Czech leadership the European Union took important steps towards diversification of energy supply and towards climate protection.

Find here a summary of the results of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council including the Presidency cartoon (Check for updated results).


“How did the Czech Republic fulfil its priorities in the areas of policies and communication?”

Penny Williams, Acting Country Director, Central Europe and the Baltic Countries, World Bank

“The Czech Republic took up the European Presidency at a time when the global financial crisis brought economic troubles to many countries in the Union. Nonetheless, the Czech Presidency has managed to ensure a robust and well coordinated response to the crisis, involving a wide range of institutions. The World Bank has been privileged to work with the Czech Republic through the Presidency on a range of issues of importance to Europe's goals including: labour migration, facilitating remittances, and support for the Roma.”

Erik Berglof, Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, London

“The Czech Presidency made several valuable contributions. On top of my list I would put the Eastern Partnership. The global economic crisis has clearly demonstrated that the European economy extends beyond the EU (and EU candidate) borders, not least in the financial sector. It is critical that the European Union finds new ways of supporting the integration of its eastern neighbours; while these countries are part of the Union's neighbourhood, they are also part of Europe. During the Czech Presidency the European Union also significantly strengthened its response to the crisis, by twice doubling its facility for balance of payment support and by playing a much more active role in the coordination with national authorities and the private sector.”

Claus Sørensen, Director General for Communication, European Commission

“The Czech Presidency can be pleased with its communications strategy and achievements. There were great successes such as the excellent communications partnership with the European Commission and its Representation in Prague.

This co-operation created fantastic initiatives like the regional information campaign which brought the EU to the public in towns from Brno to České Budějovice. There were rock concerts, folk music and plenty of information about Europe. And the member states were there. There was the marvellous "Europe without Barriers" exhibition which showed the graphic design talents of young Czechs - an exhibition which has gone on to visit Brussels and Stockholm. There were humorous - at time a bit provocative exhibits - which brought back good memories of the good soldier Sweik - Czechs as we like them best! And, of course, over 50 schools were visited by officials to give students the opportunity to ask their questions directly to Commission officials.

So for its ambition, achievement and co-operation, the Czech Presidency merits a big pat on the back.”

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