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12. 5. 2014 20:02

Czech Government refuses to recognise Ukraine “referendum” results

The Government is concerned about the current situation in Ukraine, where referendums on the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions were held over the weekend. The Czech Republic refuses to acknowledge the outcome of the “independence referendums” as it believes that, having been held in contravention of the Ukrainian constitution, they are illegal. Furthermore, the referendums were rife with doubts about the voting method employed and how objective the published results were.

The Government is particularly perturbed by the actions of separatists in eastern Ukraine, and calls attention to the fact that the referendums and the conclusions derived from them by their organisers will only further destabilise the country and escalate the crisis. The Czech Government will also appeal to the government in Kiev and to Russia to promote the idea of Ukrainian national dialogue between the population in the east of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Government.

The Government supports the Ukrainian Government’s efforts to reform the constitution and decentralise the country. These should form one of the building blocks of national dialogue. The Ukrainian Government should also strive to keep all bodies of public administration – including security forces – functioning properly in the country in order to prevent further tragedies similar to the fire in Odessa.

The Czech Government continues to back the Ukrainian Government completely as it seeks to hold presidential elections according to plan and in keeping with democratic principles and applicable laws. It believes that the election of a new president could play a major role in pacifying the situation and maintaining the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The Czech Government supports the OSCE observation mission, as part of which the Czech Republic is posting two long-term and 23 short-term observers. In addition, the Government endorses the deployment of a European Union mission focusing on reform of the security sector, the police and the rule of law.

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