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14. 3. 2018 21:19

Congratulations of Premier Babiš to Chancellor Merkel on re-election

Dear Ms Merkel,

I would like to congratulate you sincerely on your re-election as the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. I believe that Germany under your leadership will continue to be a stable and prosperous country and an active player on the international scene.

I deeply appreciate the excellent relations between our countries, in which we stand as friends and good neighbours as well as partners in the European Union. I strongly believe that together with the other Member States we will be able to fulfil our shared responsibility for the future of Europe and I look forward to our cooperation in this direction.

The Czech Republic is prepared to further intensify our relations in all areas and at all levels. Valuable tools in this respect are the Czech-German Strategic Dialogue or the Czech-German Future Fund.

Dear Ms Merkel, let me wish you success in your demanding and responsible function, and happiness in your private life.

Yours respectfully,

Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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