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7. 11. 2020 20:30

Congratulation of the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to President-elect Joe Biden

Dear Mr President-elect,

Please accept my sincere congratulations on your election victory as President of the United States of America.

The elections were held in very turbulent times of world covid-19 pandemic and its severe economic impacts, amid discussions about the future architecture of international cooperation as well as at a time when it is necessary to take a clear stance on dealing with the climate change. American citizens clearly manifested their awareness of the extraordinary importance of this year’s election by the high voter turnout and actively engaged in choosing the right candidate to lead them through the upcoming uneasy times.

The United States of America is a key partner of the Czech Republic with whom we are linked by strong transatlantic partnership as well as shared democratic values, mutual understanding and respect for human rights. I firmly hope that we will develop and deepen the multifaceted cooperation between our countries further, including in the field of security and defence, research and innovation, and economy. The Czech government stands ready to cooperate with your administration also in the multilateral framework on issues such as the fight against international terrorism, cybersecurity and mitigating the climate change.

Dear Mr President-elect, let me wish you every success in carrying out the demanding and highly responsible duties in the role of the 46th President of the United States of America.

Respectfully yours,

Andrej Babiš
Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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