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16. 3. 2015 16:24

Cabinet Adopts Resolution Approving the Passage of NATO Forces through the Czech Territory at the End of March 2015

The Cabinet discussed today a report of Defense Minister Martin Stropnický regarding the passage of U.S. forces through the Czech Republic. The convoy is scheduled to traverse the Czech territory at the end of March 2015.

"Allowing allied forces to pass through the country is a part of the fulfillment of our commitments to NATO partners. Similar convoys have crossed the Czech territory time and again in the past. At the end of March, U.S. soldiers will travel through the Czech Republic on their return to military bases in Germany following maneuvers in Poland and in the Baltic region. The full cost of the transport as well as of support provided by the Ministry of Defense will be assumed by the U.S. government," explained Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

At the NATO summit held in Wales last year, a number of measures were adopted to strengthen the alliance's collective defense ability and to provide assurances to member states located in a sensitive geographic position. The measures mainly consist of increasing the frequency of military exercises and of rotating personnel stationed in NATO's eastern wing. The Czech Republic regularly takes part in planned maneuvers, which may involve the transport of large numbers of NATO units via allied territories, including the Czech Republic.

The forthcoming transport will include two stopovers, as the convoy will spend three nights in the Czech territory to allow drivers to rest, to refuel vehicles, and to perform necessary maintenance.

Last year, the Cabinet approved a list of countries whose armed forces are allowed to pass through the Czech Republic in 2015. The countries include the United States of America.

Ground transports of troops and military equipment of other NATO countries via the Czech territory in 2014

In 2014, 131 transports involving 1,631 foreign troops and 601 pieces of military equipment were carried out through the Czech territory, including 11 road transports involving 632 U.S. troops and 316 units of U.S. Army equipment.

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