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15. 9. 2009 15:09

Announcement by Prime Minister Jan Fischer on 15th September 2009

Premiér Jan Fischer / PM Jan Fischer
Premiér Jan Fischer / PM Jan Fischer
In connection with the fact that the Chamber of Deputies today decided not to vote for its own dissolution, which will probably lead to parliamentary elections being held on their original due date in 2010, I would like to make the following announcement:

1. I learned of the decision of the ČSSD not to support dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies this morning from media reports and I cannot hide my surprise at this. Like the majority of Czech citizens I was convinced that all representatives of the political parties which have recently proposed legislative changes aimed at bringing about early elections at the earliest possible date have their steps thought through and prepared in a responsible manner.

2. I was appointed as Prime Minister on the basis of an agreement between the political parties on 5th April 2009. I accepted that mandate on the understanding and on the undertaking that the government which I would form would manage the country only up to early parliamentary elections in October of this year. The basis of the government, those appointed to the individual ministries and its declared programme all conform to this.

3. I am assuming that the parliamentary political parties will quickly reach a majority agreement on what type of government will manage the country up to the original date of the elections. Until that time the current government will exercise its mandate in a responsible manner and will manage the country in line with its programme. I wish to assure the citizens of this country that all the institutions of the state are fully functional and that the members of the government are performing their duties.

4. If the result of the political negotiations is a decision that responsibility for running the country will continue to be borne by a government under my leadership, I consider it essential that my mandate in this matter be renewed. As a necessary condition for such a step I consider an agreement to make necessary savings such that the budget for next year respects the commitment of the present government and that the deficit does not exceed 170bn Czech crowns, that is approximately 5 percent of GDP.

Jan Fischer, Czech Prime Minister

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