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20. 10. 2010 13:32

100 days of the coalition government of the ODS, TOP 09 and VV

Faced with a challenging period ahead, the government clearly had no time to dawdle, and I believe our first 100 days have been very successful.

First of all, I would like to point out the progress made by my fourteen colleagues in the government, whose work has been of the utmost quality. The coalition government has successfully dealt with numerous endurance tests. We have had to make some unpopular decisions, we have learnt to work together as a newly formed team, and we are quite open about the fact that our work has hardly been made any easier by the campaign period ahead of the municipal and Senate elections.

Our government has proven its mettle by managing unexpected trials such as the August floods which hit the north of Bohemia.

We have prepared and approved an austerity budget for the next year in a record time of just three months, when usually the government has the luxury of over half a year to prepare this key piece of legislation.

We have agreed to freeze spending this year so that the public deficit does not exceed 5.3% of GDP in 2010. All governmental ministries and departments – without exception – have had to make savings.

The fact that we are a government of budgetary accountability is unquestionable.

We have also prepared effective measures to avert a sudden price increase in electricity next year. We are working hard to draw up anti-corruption actions aimed at the swift implementation of changes to combat non-transparent procurement.

I believe that in our first hundred days we have worked quite hard and achieved tangible results. Nevertheless, the greatest challenge still lies ahead – the preparation of key reforms. I am confident that if the government keeps up the good work, it will have no problem coping with all the tasks and duties that await it in the future.

Petr Nečas, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic

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