3. 1. 2013 16:00

The Office of the Government of the Czech Republic administers the European Year of Citizens

The European Union declared the year 2013 the “European Year of Citizens” (EYC). Its main objective is to enhance the awareness of the rights of EU citizens to free movement and residence, and to inform them on how to enjoy their rights in EU policies in general. Moreover, the EYC aims to stimulate active engagement of citizens in the Union’s policy-making process and to encourage a discussion about impacts and potential of the right to free movement.

The European Year of Citizens therefore comprises a wide-ranging information campaign on the EU level which is carried out by the Commission. Activities of the Union as a whole can be supplemented by activities on the Member States’ level. In the Czech Republic, the administrator of the EYC is the Office of the Government – Section for European Affairs. Within the EYC framework, the Section intends to organize various seminars, conferences, competitions and other events, the objective of which is to explain potential of European citizenship and perspectives related to this concept. Updated information on the EYC is available at website in the section about European Year of Citizens 2013 (in Czech).

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