24. 4. 2024 13:45

The Government approved the National Reform Programme 2024

On 24 April 2024, the Czech Government approved the National Reform Programme (NRP). This strategic document describes the reforms and investments the Government plans to implement over the next 12 months. The NRP is based on the Policy Statement of the Government and other structural and conceptual documents. The NRP includes digitalisation, green transition and increasing energy utilisation and security. This year, the NRP was presented in its current form for the last time. It will be replaced by a medium-term fiscal-structural plan.

This year, the NRP also addresses the implementation of measures present in the National Recovery Plan. In 2023, the National Recovery Plan was updated. Due to the consequences of high inflation and Russian aggression in Ukraine, some milestones and targets were adapted, and new milestones and targets were added. The updated National Recovery Plan means that the Czech Republic will benefit from additional non-repayable financial support of approximately 32.7 billion CZK and additional loans of 19.4 billion CZK from the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

All EU Member States prepare their NRPs annually within the EU economic policy coordination mechanism (so-called European Semester). The need for this coordinated approach to economic and social policies appeared in the context of the impact of the financial crisis after 2008. Member states submit their NRPs to the European Commission. The European Commission, which then uses them to prepare analytical Country Reports and also proposes new Country Specific Recommendations.

This year, the NRP was submitted for the last time due to the changes delivered by the Economic Governance Review. Member States will commit to their fiscal targets and planned reforms in medium-term fiscal-structural plans. The first plans will be submitted to the European Commission in autumn 2024.

The Section for European Affairs developed the NRP in cooperation with ministries and also with economic and social partners, who had the opportunity to comment on the NRP. On 18 March 2024 the round table discussion was held on significant current challenges. National priorities such as the pension system, the labour market and employment were discussed.

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