28. 2. 2019 8:42

The European Commission published the Country Report Czech Republic 2019

The European Commission released on 27 February just like every year its regular analysis of the economic and social condition of each EU member state. The date of publication of individual country reports is a decisive milestone in the European Semester mechanism, an annual cycle of social and economic policy coordination of Member States.

In the Report the European Commission presents a positive outlook for the Czech economy and praises strong economic growth, rising investment volumes (as can be seen in the graph below) and an examplary financial sector. The European Commission however warns of the persisting socioeconomic disparity between regions.  


The Country Report Czech Republic 2019 is distinctively focused on investments. This is especially the case in Annex D, a section of the Report that describes the country's key investment needs. Along with Annex D, the Country Report serves as an analytical index for negotiations with the Czech government on EU funding for the 2021-2027 programming period. 

The Report offers a valuable external perspective and will be used in the preparation of the National Reform Programme and the Convergence Programme, which the government is expected to debate on in late April.

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