24. 5. 2022 17:26

The European Commission has published the spring package of the European Semester 2022

On 23 May 2022, the European Commission (EC) published a so-called spring package of documents as part of the European Semester, the annual cycle of economic policy coordination. It primarily includes a draft of Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs), including the relevant justification.

Furthermore, the spring package contains Country Reports on individual Member States (MS) and other documents. In the past, reports were usually published at the end of February. The reports assess how MS are fulfilling their recovery and resilience plans (National Recovery Plan in the Czech Republic). The reports also provide an overview of the economic and social developments and challenges that are MS facing, including an analysis of their resilience.

The documents of the spring package (especially individual recommendations - CSRs and Country Reports) together with the plan to exit Russian fossil fuels REPowerEU published by the EC on 18 May 2022 provide guidelines for MS to update their National Recovery Plans.


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