20. 7. 2012 12:38

Strategic document relating to the Internal Market priorities was approved

The Priorities of the Czech Government in the current agenda of the EU Single Market were approved by the Committee for the European Union at government level on 19 July 2012. The Internal Market is considered to be a crucial priority for long-time perspective, reflecting its potential for growth and competitiveness. Simultaneously, the Czech Republic considers the removal of barriers in the Internal Market as the most appropriate way to stimulate job creation. Such growth priorities are complementary to the continuing efforts for fiscal consolidation and sustainability.

The document constitutes a strategic framework for the formulation of the Government's positions on proposals in the area of the Internal Market and for setting up priorities for further rulemaking. It also serves as a basis for further debate on the priorities of the Internal Market. The Priorities are conceived as a position paper for the Czech Government, but they are also available for business, consumers and the general public.

Its structure logically evolves from substantively defined priority areas – from life and work of citizens over services, goods, financial markets, even presenting an overview relating to support of research and education. The text is completed by the Government priorities with regard to the upcoming Single Market Act II, which is to be presented by the European Commission in late September 2012.

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