28. 11. 2012 10:00

Committee for the European Union focused on emission allowances

The 119th meeting of the Committee for the European Union at the governmental level took place on 28th November 2012. The Committee discussed the Commission proposal to modify the system of auctioning of EU ETS emission allowances (backloading) in order to stabilize the allowance price. Given the complexity of the issue and the need for further impact assessment the Committee will resume the debate on one of its following December sessions.

The Committee adopted and updated position on the draft Regulation on European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. A strong freshwater aquaculture with adequate funding remains the top priority for the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the Committee focused on the preparation of the December Economic and Financial Affairs Council and confirmed the recent priorities of the Czech Republic. It also adopted a decision to maintain a principal requirement to translate the provisions addressing the Czech concerns into the relevant legislative proposals.

The Committee also discussed the preparation of the Trade Council, with particular attention to the issue of visa reciprocity in the context of the CETA negotiations with Canada and to the issue of mandate for the negotiations of the FTA with Japan. Moreover, the Committee was informed on the outcomes of the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council and on the results of the ministerial meeting regarding the European Space Agency.

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