12. 1. 2012 14:16

A series of expert discussions on the National Reform Programme updating has began

The Government of the Czech Republic will present to the European Commision its updated National Reform Programme in April 2012, in connection with the timetable of the European Semester. It will summarize the reform efforts contributing to fulfilling goals set in Europe 2020 Strategy. Representatives of Government Departments and both parliamentary chambers will take part in the document updating process.

Given the wide range of National Reform Programme – which concerns many aspects of social and economic life, the partners of the social dialogue (the tripartite), municipalities, academic circles, members of National Economic Council of the Government, representatives of civic groups and other experts have been involved in the preliminary consultations. A number of informal round table discussions is taking place now (similarly to last year) in order to let the participants present their views and comments and to enable discussions about the opinions.

The initial meeting, whose purpose was mainly to present the National Reform Programme update timetable for 2012, took place on 11th January 2012 in Liechtenstein Palace. A series of discussions focused on a set of issues ensuing from the National Reform Programme structure should follow this initial meeting in the second and the third week of January. The second round of informal meetings will be held in February 2012; their objective is to reflect results of the first round and to discuss concrete proposals concerning the final wording of the document.

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