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26. 2. 2017 20:23

Comments by the Prime Minister on the 25th anniversary of the signature of the Treaty between the CSFR and Germany

The Treaty signed by the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic and Germany at Prague Castle twenty-five years ago on 27 February 1992, represented the start of a new era of cooperation between these countries in the heart of Europe. In what was for many still a controversial, but historically important step, Czechs, Germans and Slovaks undertook to ensure that their future relations would be based on mutual respect and consideration. The Treaty responded to the changes that occurred in 1989, which paved our way into a free and cooperative Europe.

In 1992 we laid the foundations for a strengthening of mutual trust, which we had lost as a result of Munich and the terrible events of the Second World War and, subsequently, also as a result of the rise of the “iron curtain” and the separation of Europe into two competing blocs. The values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law are not only reflected in our mutual relations, but have become the basis for our cooperation within the framework of this unique project of European integration, to which the Czech Republic started to contribute, as a full member, in 2004.

The improvement in Czech-Slovak-German relations soon led to improved economic cooperation, investment and also contacts at the level of municipalities, regions, schools or NGOs. We are now neighbours who have managed to deal with a complicated past and who have extremely good, stable and friendly relations, focused on the future.    

The Czech-Slovak-German treaty was based on the same idea we are reminded of today when we are striving to make Europeans confident in the future of European integration and working to reinforce it. This means that to preserve democracy, prosperity and peace, we need mutual trust, understanding and cooperation and we are far stronger working together in Europe in face of the threats and instability of the world today than if we tried to confront them alone.

Bohuslav Sobotka, Prime Minister, CR

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