Milan Chovanec

Milan Chovanec

From 29 January 2014, Minister of Interior, from 5 December 2017 in resignation.

Personal Information

Milan Chovanec, born 31st January 1970 in Plzeň. Married, with two children.


Studied at the Economics Middle School in Plzeň and the West Bohemian University in Plzeň.

Professional and Public Activities

Member of ČSSD since 1997.

During 2002 – 2010 member of the Plzeň city representation. From 2008 member of the Plzeň Region Representation. Member of the Plzeň City Council and from 2006 Chairman of the Plzeň City Audit Committee. Worked earlier in the Czechoslovak Bank and after the revolution in business in retail and wholesale services.

In 2010, elected Governor of the Plzeň Region. Before his appointment as Governor, First Deputy to the Governor of the Plzeň Region.

From 2011, Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee of ČSSD in the Plzeň Region. From 2013 Vice-Chairman of the party. Member of the Shadow Cabinet – Minister of Transport.

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