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21. 9. 2006 18:28

4 - Czech national flag

Vlajka s klínemIn the year 1990, though, while the constitution of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic was in progress, both the Czech National Council and the Slovak National Council (CNR in its Act No.67/1990 Sb., SNC in its Act No.50/1990 Sb) introduced the national flags of the two constituent republics so that each would take up the continuity of the original symbols of the lands. Hence, the Czech Republic brought into use its national flag made up of two equally broad stripes, a lower red one, and an upper white one, with the width:length ratio equal to 2:3. The same ratio of 2 to 3 was laid down for the national flag of the Slovak Republic made up of three equally broad horizontal stripes arranged as follows: upper - white, middle - blue, lower - red.

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