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Doc. MUDr. Leoš Heger, CSc.

Minister of Health

Personal Details:

Born 11 January 1948 in Hradec Králové.


Graduated from the Medical Faculty of Charles University.

Professional and Public Activity:

After graduating from the university he worked at the university medical school in Hradec Králové as a radiologist. There he took part in the implementation of ultrasound diagnostics and led the first CT workstation in the Czech Republic.

For more than 4 years, Leoš Heger worked abroad (USA, Kuvajt, former GDR) and from 1991-1994 served as the head of the radiodiagnostic clinic at Hradec Králové. From 1996 he was the director of the Hradec Králové faculty hospital. After 14 years of successful management and development of the hospital, he is now handing over the position at his own behest.

From 2002, Leoš Heger has held the position of representative of the city of Hradec Králové for ODS, and for 2 years was the chairman of its finance committee. In 2008 he was nominated by ODS as an independent in the senate elections, where he was unsuccessful in the second round.

He is the chairman of the rowing club in Hradec Králové. He has won the gold medal of the Charles University Faculty of Medicine, the Manager of the Year Award in 2007 and the Primus inter pares award of the City of Hradec Králové.

Leoš Heger has been the Minister of Health since 13 July 2010.

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