8. 3. 2013 15:58

Why Is China Interested in Middle and Eastern Europe?

The second seminar organised by Eurocentre Prague in this year took place on 7 March in European House Prague on occasion of the inauguration of the new Chinese president in office. During the seminar, the keynote speech was delivered by Rudolf Fürst, senior research fellow at the Institute of International Relations, whose emphasis was devoted to Central and Eastern European aspects of the strategic partnership between the EU and China. The substantive attention was paid especially to cooperation between China and 16 post-communist countries from Middle and Eastern Europe.

These relations present another multilevel approach towards the European Union, regarding the framework of the strategic partnership between EU and China signed in 2003. First summit of China and 16 post-communist countries took place last year in Warsaw. It was attended by the Chinese premier and 16 heads of governments from the region. The countries from the Middle and Eastern Europe are for China of specific attractiveness – they offer convenient market costs and resources. Simultaneously, states from the mentioned region are looking forward to foreign investments in order to stimulate their economies.

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