14. 6. 2013 12:16

What should we be careful about when leaving for holidays?

Last seminar of Eurocentrum Prague before the summer break was held on the 13 June at the European House with the title "What should we be careful about when leaving for holidays?" The lecturers were Mr Tomáš Večl, Director of the European Consumer Centre in the Czech Republic, and Ms Tereza Podaná from the Centre for International Reimbursements. Audience got to know basic information about the rights when travelling abroad, particularly in the air transport, as well as the details about health insurance especially with regard to those countries which are annually the most attractive destinations for Czech tourists.

Tomáš Večl mentioned the specifics of tours sold by foreign travel agencies. Apart from the fact that the departure is usually from the airport outside the Czech Republic there are another differences comparing to Czech legislation, for instance in singing the contract or during reclamation. Tomáš Večl also focused on practical tips such as proper procedure while dealing with delay or cancellation of the flight. Tereza Podaná mentioned the reimbursement of treatment in the event of an accident. Following that she compared advantages of public and commercial health insurance. Furthermore, she pointed out the difference in treatment costs of health care in selected European countries.

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