2. 4. 2013 12:26

The Tripartite EU Working Team held a meeting in the Office of the Government

On 2nd April 2013, the Office of the Government hosted a meeting of the Tripartite EU Working Team (Team). The debate focused on two key issues: first, on preparations of the 2013 National Reform Programme of the Czech Republic, and second, on evaluation of the March European Council.

The discussion on the National Reform Programme 2013 (NRP) followed up on a series of formal and informal consultations coordinated by the Office of the Government since December 2012. These preparatory consultations were held in an inclusive format with the aim of offering the possibility to express views on the NRP to all relevant actors at the national level. The current debate was dedicated to a consolidated NRP version that took into account the results of an informal roundtable held on 25 March 2013.

The partners of social dialogue appreciated the open and comprehensive approach of the Government to the NRP preparation and the broad range of comments which had been reflected in the text. In particular, they welcomed the prioritization of NRP reform measures for 2013, the logical structure of the NPR and its streamlining with other strategic documents of the Government. The partners of social dialogue supported the emphasis on implementation of the key NRP initiatives and urged the Government to continue this effort.

The Government will reflect the outcome of debate when finalizing the NRP with the view of a possible discussion in the April Triparite Plenary session. The approval of the NRP final version by the Government Committee on EU and a subsequent submission to the European Commission is envisaged for 17 April 2013.

In the second part of the Team meeting, the partners of social dialogue were informed on the evaluation and outcomes of the European Council held in Brussels from 14 to 15 March 2013. From the perspective of the Czech Republic, the March summit marked a success. The meeting tool place in a constructive atmosphere and its agenda corresponded with the main issues contained in the NRP.

The Government welcomed the attention paid by the European Council to specific measures to promote growth and competitiveness as prerequisites of higher employment and prosperity. The Government also succeeded in seeing some of its key priorities reflected in the text of the European Council Conclusions. These include an emphasis on completion, non-distortion and proper functioning of the EU internal market, as well as measures to reduce administrative burden. According to the Conclusions, the European Commission is to identify and propose in the autumn the withdrawal of regulations that are no longer of use.

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