20. 2. 2013 9:41

The Czech Republic has improved the transposition of EU internal market legislation

On 19 February 2013, the European Commission published the Internal Market Scoreboard assessing the rate of transposition of EU legislation relating to the single market.

The Czech Republic ranked very well in the survey in terms of the transposition deficit. The Czech Republic is one of the five Member States that performed the best in internal market legislation enforcement and one of the 12 States that have achieved or equalled their best result since 1997. Having outperformed the 1.0 % target for the first time six months ago, the Czech Republic stepped up its performance, reducing its transposition deficit further from 0.6 % to 0.2 %. Also the speed of resolution of infringement procedures has seen a very strong improvement in the Czech Republic (- 6.6 months).

The Czech Republic is a long-term firm supporter of the completion of the European single market, considered to be one of the most tangible and most important economic benefits of European integration. The Czech government therefore considers a timely implementation of the internal market legislation as a high political priority.

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