26. 4. 2013 16:01

Rohan Palace hosted expert round table of the National Forum on the Future of the EU

An expert round table devoted to the issue of securing democratic legitimacy in decision-making and reform of Union institutions was hosted in the Rohan Palace, the seat of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. The round table was organized as a follow-up to the introductory conference of the National Forum on the Future of the European Union. In addition to Vojtěch Belling, State Secretary for European Affairs, and Jan Michal, Head of the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic, contributions were also heard from Jindřiška Syllová and Jan Grinc, representatives of the expert teams from both parliamentary chambers.

A comprehensive view of the multi-level functioning of the instruments of direct, participative and representative democracy was provided by Jana Reschová of the Faculty of Law of the Charles University. Considerations relating to institutional reforms, which included speeches by Lenka Pítrová (Office of the Government), David Král (Europeum), and Ondřej Krutílek (CDK) were dominated by a position emphasising the need to retain current institutions common for the whole of the EU-27. The setting up of new bodies is not a solution to the needs of the eurozone or of the EU-27 as a whole, speakers noted out. During the course of discussion, several participants were urging a consideration of options how to make subsidiarity checks more efficient than they currently are.

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