5. 4. 2013 8:21

Is it worth for Eurozone to save Cyprus?

On Thursday, April 4th 2013, a seminar organized by the Eurocentre Prague took place in the European House. The event entitled “Is it worth for Eurozone to save Cyprus?” was started by Miroslav Benáček (Office of the Government), who provided the audience with information on causes of the Cypriot cisis. He also mentioned extraordinary position of bank sector in the Cypriot economy. As important point was mentioned also the bail-in principle. Second speaker, journalist Marek Hudema, addressed problems which happened in course of bank holidays on Cyprus. During this period, bank services were limited and Cypriots could not move their money from accounts. The third speaker, editor of the Czech Television Václav Černohorský, shared his personal experience from Cyprus during bank holidays.

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