7. 3. 2014 15:19

If you are interested in the internship in EU institutions…

On 6th March 2014 Eurocentre Prague organised a seminar dedicated to the internships at the EU institutions.The seminar was attended by representatives of The European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic and The Information Office of the European Parliament in the Czech Republic as the guest speakers.  A personal experience with an EU internship was provided by an intern currently doing an internship at the European Parliament.

Those applying for a traineeship in any EU institution must fulfil several basic requirements. First of all, they must be a national of an EU member state or an applicant country. Next they must have a degree of at least three years of university education, i.e. at least a bachelor degree. This requirement has to be fulfilled already during the application process. Applicants must also have a very good knowledge of two official EU languages, and one of the languages has to be English, French or German. The last important requirement is the assumption that the applicant has never before been awarded a traineeship or been employed by any EU institution. EU internships last for five months and are financially rewarded. Monthly payments usually correspond with the amount of the applicant’s basic costs. The application form is submitted via the Internet in a predetermined deadline. It is appropriate for the applicant to state as many facts and details about oneself in the application form, in order to stand out from the rest. After that, all that needs to be done is to wait and see whether the applicant was successful or not.

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