13. 3. 2013 10:07

Committee for the European Union approved mandate for the March European Council

The Committee for the European Union of the Czech Government approved at its 124th session taking place on March 13th 2013 the mandate for the Prime Minister, who will represent the Czech Republic at the European Council meeting which will be held from 14th to 15th March 2013 in Brussels.

The Heads of State and Government of Member States of the European Union will discuss two issues: Economic and Social Policy and External Relations. The first topic - Economic and Social Policy - is divided into two parts: promoting competitiveness, growth and jobs on one hand and deeping Economic and Monetary Union on the other hand. Strategic partners of EU are the second thematic block on the agenda of the March European Council.

The mandate provides the Prime Minister with a position primarily on economic and social issues, with an emphasis on the need to complete the Single Market, which is considered by the Government of the Czech Republic as a key tool for the renewed growth and strengthening the competitiveness.

The Committee for the European Union also took note of the regular annual document The enlargement process of the European Union and NATO in Southeast Europe and Iceland.

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