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7. 4. 201122:17

Czech and Israeli Prime Ministers: we will extend cooperation in science and research

According to the Czech Prime Minister Israel is a model for an economy based on science, research and innovation.

The first-ever visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Czech Republic began on Thursday afternoon with a meeting with Prime Minister Petr Nečas. At the Straka Academy in Prague they discussed mainly scientific and research cooperation.

"Israel is a country with an extremely innovative economy based on science, research and innovation, something which is of the greatest interest to us. In this area there have already been a number of joint Israeli applied-research projects", said Mr Nečas after the meeting.

According to Prime Minister Nečas it is especially the programme of Israeli technology incubators which is under the Czech microscope, because these generate high value-added products and services. For this reason the Czech Republic wishes to extend its cooperation with Israel within universities and academic research. "Here there will definitely be a growth in high-quality cooperation between our countries, and in this regard this programme is a great inspiration to us", adds Prime Minister Nečas.

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In addition both Prime Ministers spoke of cooperation in the economic sphere, including the defence industry and cooperation between their armed forces in training and education. "I welcome the possibility for cooperation in all the areas mentioned, and would also be glad if more tourists were to come here", added Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Czech and Israeli governments to meet

The two Prime Ministers also agreed to arrange meetings of Israeli and Czech ministers. "The governments of the two countries will meet so that the programmes we have referred to have a clear plan, and so that it is also clear who is responsible for what", said the Israeli Prime Minister.

The Czech Prime Minister also emphasised that Israel is a country with a highly developed democracy, a country located in a very troubled and turbulent region. "Because we Czechs have our own historical experience of what it is like to be surrounded by even regimes with authoritative or totalitarian tendencies, this is only another reason for us to relate to Israel with the greatest of sympathy," said Prime Minister Nečas.

"Israelis in general and I personally admire the Czech Republic and the history of the Czech people. We feel a kind of natural closeness to you. Not only because you too have been surrounded by forces which were antagonistic to freedom and because you have undergone your own struggles, but because you came out of a dark period, renewed your freedom, replenished your society and are now quickly catching up on the years that were lost. We too once more had to renew our freedom, we are now remaking our country and creating a new society which will be progressive and free", Netanyahu said at the press conference.