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6. 1. 201013:06

Minister of Justice Daniela Kovářová leads discussions on the stipulation of the amount of child maintenance

The working group whose task it is to resolve the issue of child maintenance sat for the first time yesterday, 5 January 2010.

The working group whose task it is to resolve the issue of child maintenance sat for the first time yesterday, 5 January 2010, on the basis of an initiative by Minister of Justice Daniela Kovářová. The session was attended by the Minister for Labour and Social Affairs, Petr Šimerka, together with other representatives of his department, chairman of the Czech Union of Judges, Tomáš Lichovník, director of the Our Child foundation, Zuzana Baudyšová, dean of the Faculty of Law at Palacký University in Olomouc, Milana Hrušáková, judge Eva Nová and others.

“I expect this working group to find a solution as to how to unify and regulate the stipulation of child maintenance in such a way as to help those who are willing to come to an agreement. It will also contribute to simplifying agreements and offer courts as well as other institutions high quality material that will become an important aid in decision-making. Even after the adoption of the new Criminal Code stipulating harsher punishments for those who do not pay child maintenance, it remains necessary to find another tool to improve payment rates,” Daniela Kovářová stated. “I would like both the judiciary and the public to have a straightforward tool available that enables the simple calculation of child maintenance.”

The group agreed to take into account the experience of neighbouring countries when addressing the issue of stipulating child maintenance, in particular Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Another tool that can be used could be the introduction of special appellate senates at regional courts that would enable appellate review of the amount of the child maintenance or the adjustment of child maintenance depending on the age of the child and inflation. At the session the participants also discussed supplementary judicial material in the form of recommendation tables on which the Ministry of Justice will immediately commence working.

“I want to put an intelligent tool in the form of well-prepared tables into the hands of both judges and lawyers. I want sensible supplementary judicial material to be produced, which will in particular take into account the interests of the child. I am very pleased that the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is taking such a positive stance on this issue and that it is very interested in participating in the preparation of this material,” the Minister of Justice concluded.

Source: Ministry of Justice