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25. 8. 20099:42

The European Mobility Week starts in September

The European Mobility Week, an all-European event organized with the purpose to promote alternative ways of municipal transport, preferable in terms of safety, public health and environment protection, will traditionally start in Czech and Moravian towns and cities on Wednesday 16th September, to be concluded on 22nd September by „The Car Free Day“.

It will take place for the eighth time already, this year under the motto „Our Town/City, Our Climate“, by which the organizers wish to convey the idea that urban dwellers can themselves improve their living environment by changing their habits – for instance walk, cycle or use public transport instead of a car to travel to work or school.

During the Mobility Week people can submit to their local authorities proposals of what could be done in their town or city in order to reduce to minimum its contribution to climatic changes. In the Czech Republic the campaign is coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with the European Commission.

A number of municipalities are already preparing one-day to week-long programmes. On Sunday, 20th September, the Smetana Embankment and Palach Square in Prague will be for instance be closed to car traffic, and all inhabitants of Prague will be invited to enjoy a promenade along the car-free embankment. Other Prague boroughs will also participate.

The 2009 European Mobility Week is one of the highlights of the world-wide campaign against climatic changes. In thematic terms, the European Commission intends to orient it towards the meeting in Copenhagen (on 30th November till 12th December, 2009), where a decision will be taken on the future of the international agreement to replace the Kyoto Treaty.

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