18. 2. 200910:49

Statement of Deputy Prime Minister A. Vondra on the Chamber of Deputies' consent with the Lisbon Treaty ratification

Today, the Chamber of Deputies granted its consent with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty after a vote of 125 for and 61 against.
I welcome this result as a significant step in the Czech Lisbon Treaty ratification process. It is a responsible step preceded by a thorough, democratic debate.
The complete ratification in the Czech Parliament is subject to the consent of the Senate. The Senate, however, first requires the enactment of legislation that would prevent the transfer of further powers to the European Union under the “Passerelle clauses” without the Parliament’s express consent. I believe that this requirement of the Senate will be satisfied as soon as possible and that the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament will join the Chamber of Deputies in giving the green light to the Lisbon Treaty.

Michaela Jelínková

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