Press Advisories

16. 1. 200914:50

Joint Statement of European Council President M. Topolánek and Slovak Prime Minister R. Fico

The talks focused on the ongoing problems concerning the resumption of gas supplies via Ukraine to the Slovak Republic.

In view of the continuing fundamental problems concerning the restoration of gas deliveries through Ukraine to Slovakia, two alternative options were found that would technically allow the delivery of some 20 million cubic metres of gas to the Slovak Republic.

One of these is a swap between Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

Another alternative would allow gas supplies to be provided via the Jamal pipeline running through the Czech Republic.

Without these measures, the situation of the Slovak economy is bound to become critical in the nearest future, and gas supplies provided to the public will have to be reduced.

In this context, Slovakia is waiting for Europe to express its solidarity.

The Czech Republic and RWE Transgas have confirmed their preparedness to provide emergency supplies through Czech territory. However, an agreement to cede the above-mentioned volume of gas to Slovakia must be first given by the EON – Ruhrgas and Gdf – Suez companies, which also hold shares in the SPP energy company operating in Slovakia.

Slovak Prime Minister R. Fico and European Council President M. Topolánek will inform German Chancellor A. Merkel and French President N. Sarkozy about this option.