Press Releases

22. 9. 200810:35

September 22, 2008: National Security Council Discusses Part of the Czech RepublicĀ“s Defence Plan and Changes in the Central Crisis Management Staff

Today’s meeting of the National Security Council has reviewed the current security issues facing the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union. The Council discussed e.g. proposed changes in the security sector before being discussed by the Government. 

The members of the National Security Council have reviewed a new version of the List of Measures of the National Crisis Response System before it is submitted for discussion to the Government. The List of Measures is one of the basic documents of the Czech Republic’s Defence Plan, containing vital measures to be approved by the Czech Republic in an effort to cope with military and non-military crisis situations, namely in view of the NATO Crisis Response System. This will help the crisis management authorities in the Czech Republic in responding to potential, emerging or real crisis situations. 

Also under discussion were new draft Statutes of this country’s Central Crisis Management Staff, a document regulating its operations, particularly narrowing down the list of its members by proposing that the staff should be made up of only representatives of those departments responsible for coping with individual threats and for implementing measures in the affected areas. 

The National Security Council has also discussed the possibility of purchasing personal scramblers, modern equipment which can operate - as external units - with most commonly used mobile phones in transmitting classified information (voice and data) both in the Czech Republic and within the EU and NATO. 

The meeting has also heard a report on the large-scale modernization of the country’s Central Alarm Signalling Plan of the Integrated Rescue System as of October 1, 2008, and on the course of an exercise of the NATO – CMX 2008 crisis management authorities.