Press Releases

20. 8. 200816:46

Aug 20: Statement of the Government of the Czech republic on the situation in Georgia

The Government of the Czech Republic views the current situation in Georgia as very serious and calls on all the parties involved in the conflict to maintain maximum restraint. The Czech Republic supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, including South Osetia and Abkhazia. The continuing Russian military invasion of Georgia violating the international law is unacceptable.

The Government of the Czech Republic has supported the conclusions of the Ministerial Council of the European Union on August 13, 2008 and in compliance with President Sarkozy´s plan calls for a speedy withdrawal of the Russian Federation’s military forces from Georgia. The Government gives its backing to the sending of an international mission based on an international mandate to restore and maintain peace in Georgia. Such a mission should be composed of third countries and the Czech Republic is prepared to participate in such a mission.

The Government of the Czech Republic supports the Georgian democratically elected constitutional figures and the country’s integration efforts to join the European and trans-Atlantic structures. In view of the current situation, the Government of the Czech Republic emphasizes the importance of the Allies´ decision to set up a Commission NATO-Georgia, to confirm the conclusions of the NATO summit in Bucharest, and to approve the package of measures for immediate aid to Georgia.

Responding to the serious humanitarian situation in Georgia, the Government has decided to earmark 150 million CZK for economic reconstruction of Georgia’s war-damaged infrastructure. In cooperation with other countries the Czech Republic will be supporting the holding of an international donor conference and consequent establishment of an international mechanism to assist Georgia.