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23. 7. 200812:16

July 24, 2008: Agreement on Guilt and Punishment, Care for the National Cultural Heritage and the Country’s Military Strategy Today Approved by

The Government Ministers today met at their last session before leaving for their holidays and approved, for instance, an amendment under which the accused will be able to come to an agreement on their own punishment. The Government has also discussed a draft Military Strategy of the Czech Republic, plus a programme of care for the national cultural heritage dealing with the reconstruction of the National Museum and the National Library and other laws. “We have discussed a number of drafts submitted by the House of Deputies and the Senate. We have passed a negative stance to the Radio and Television Broadcasting Bill. The main reason is that the draft is badly written and absurd, and we want to offer a better solution. Furthermore, we have approved a Senate-proposed bill on the compensation for some victims of the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. We have also passed measures to curb spectator violence,“ Premier Mirek Topolánek was quoted as saying at today’s press conference. 

Agreement on Guilt and Punishment 

Agreement on guilt and punishment, today approved by the Government, provides for simplified procedures in cases when the accused plead guilty for acts for which they are prosecuted. “Agreement on the terms of sentence, eventually on preventive measures, will be reached in the presence of defence counsel and prosecutor, and will have to sanctioned by court,“ Justice Minister Jiøí Pospíšil explained.  The law could be used in traffic-related criminal cases and in less serious property cases (larceny, embezzlement, fraud). According to the Justice Ministry, in 85% per cent of such cases offenders today plead guilty, and it will be undoubtedly advantageous for them to plead guilty in court and be in a position to suggest their own punishment or eventually a mode of settlement of damages. 

Reconstruction of the Klementinum and Culture in the Regions 

The Government has also discussed a programme of care for the national cultural heritage. A priority of this programme, according to the Ministry of Culture, is the reconstruction and revitalization of Prague’s Klementinum to make it better suited for scholars, students and the general public. The programme has earmarked for these purposes the sum of approximately 1 billion CZK. The premises formerly used by the National Technical Library should be definitively cleared in September 2009, and the Library will be moved into a modern building near the university complex in Prague’s Dejvice district.

At today’s press conference, the Minister of Culture has also spoken about support for cultural activities in the regions. Last September, the Minister issued an instruction to set up a commission for the management of the country’s heritage fund. “The establishment of the commission is based on the experience of Regional Commissioners and councillors for culture, the non-profit sector, local businessmen and conservationists and curators of monuments. It reflects the genuine needs of the regions,“ said Minister of Culture Václav Jehlièka.  The cabinet has also approved the Military Strategy of the Czech Republic. This document highlights, among other things, international cooperation in the construction of the Czech Republic’s armed forces, e.g. in sharing capabilities, science and research, armaments etc. The Ministers have also approved the Defence Ministry’s long-term vision, an amendment of the Agriculture Act, as well as measures designed to curb spectator violence.  Further information on approved items on the agenda and a sound recording from the press conference are available at the Government’s web portal at: