Press Advisories

19. 4. 202314:04

Prime Minister Fiala met with President Joko Widodo in Indonesia

In Jakarta, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Petr Fiala held talks with President of the Republic of Indonesia Joke Widodo, met with his compatriots and attended a presentation on the construction of the new capital.

In Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Prime Minister Fiala held talks with President Joko Widodo. Together, they planted a tree in the Bogor Presidential Palace as a symbol of future cooperation. Prime Minister Fiala retrospectively congratulated Indonesia for its successful G20 presidency, which Indonesia had chaired last year. 

“Indonesia is important to us. It is an interesting opportunity for Czech companies, it is a huge market with many business opportunities. During the meeting we discussed specific options. There are already some Czech companies operating here and there is interest in sharing Czech know-how in the field of digitalisation, hydropower, waste management or innovations in agriculture. The interest of Indonesian airlines in 17 Czech civil aircraft L410 from Kunovice is absolutely crucial. The first contracts should be signed already this year and Czech companies are also significantly involved in the modernisation of Indonesian airports,” said Prime Minister Fiala after the meeting.

The defence industry is also a significant potential area and the new capital city project presents a series of business opportunities for Czech entrepreneurs.

“The Indonesian side also mentioned its interest in further cooperation in the field of health care, here especially with Linet, and in transport with ┼ákoda Transportation. The defence industry has great potential in this country, and it is the defence-industrial sector that is the pillar of longer-term cooperation. Czech companies here are bidding for billion-dollar contracts to modernise the local army. For example, Czechoslovak Group is successful here in Indonesia,” concluded the Prime Minister.

The project of construction of a new capital city

The Prime Minister also inspected the project for the construction of the future new capital city of Ibu Kota Nusantara. The city will replace Jakarta as the capital, which has held that position since independence in 1945. The city is located on the east coast of Borneo.

Indonesia is planning its inauguration on 17 August 2024, i.e. on the Independence Day. The reasons for the construction include increasingly frequent heavy floods in recent years and the unstable subsoil of Jakarta's coastal area, which is sinking, as well as increasing smog. The construction of a new city presents a series of business opportunities for Czech companies and entrepreneurs, especially in the area of smart cities, but also in the field of utilities, telematics and street furniture.

Meeting with compatriots

At the end of his visit to Indonesia, the Czech Prime Minister met with his compatriots living and conducting business in Indonesia. Most Czechs have successful businesses on the island of Bali. They include bakery owners, water management companies or entrepreneurs involved in Czech real estate investments, land purchases or even villa construction.

“I have a lot of respect for people who decide to go to such a distant country because it takes courage and the ability to adapt. I love hearing inspiring stories about how Czechs live here, how they run business and what the differences are compared to life here. Thank you for helping to spread the good name of the Czech Republic even more than 9,000 kilometres from your original home,” said Fiala at the end of his visit to Indonesia.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala's ten-day tour of Asia continues with an official visit to Indonesia. He has already visited Philippines. In the next few days, the Prime Minister will visit Singapore, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.