Press Advisories

30. 3. 202315:59

Prime Minister Fiala and OECD Secretary-General present Economic Survey for the Czech Republic 2023 in Prague

On 30 March 2023, Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Mathias Cormann, Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), presented in Prague the Economic Survey for the Czech Republic 2023 and the first ever Survey on Public Administration in the Czech Republic.

Economic Survey for the Czech Republic 2023 summarises the development and current state of the Czech economy. It focuses on key macroeconomic and structural challenges, including for example the transition to a carbon-free economy and its social, regional or sectoral impacts, and makes recommendations on how best to address these challenges. The report mentions, among others, the need to ensure long-term fiscal sustainability, the fight against inflation and the problem of population ageing.

Prime Minister Fiala stressed that the OECD has very well captured the main challenges the Czech Republic is facing in both reports and that the recommendations proposed by the OECD go in exactly the same direction as the government. “The Economic Survey for the Czech Republic, which the Secretary-General presented here today, mentions a number of topics. It is certainly important for the Czech Government and Czech society that it confirms that some key reforms are urgently needed. And these are the reforms that our government is working on intensively at this time – pension reform, public finances and green modernisation,” said Prime Minister Fiala.

The State of Public Administration Overview, presented for the first time in the Czech Republic, provides an independent analysis of the state of public administration and recommends how to make it more efficient in a number of areas, based on knowledge of the latest trends and examples of good practice from other countries. “The topics of this Overview are very closely linked to our Concept for the Development of Public Administration until 2030, so it will be easier to specify or propose measures to achieve better functioning of public administration, whether in daily contact with citizens or in dealing with crisis situations that may come up,” added the Prime Minister.  

The Prime Minister also stressed that he appreciated the Czech Republic's membership in the OECD and the long and very useful cooperation with the organisation. “We are convinced that the role of this strong group of like-minded countries is perhaps even more important in the changing geopolitical conditions and with all the challenges and crises we face than it used to be in the past,” added the Prime Minister.