Scheduled Events

28. 11. 200614:59

Meeting of the Czech Government

A meeting of the Government of the Czech Republic will take place on Thursday, 30 November 2006, at 07.30 p.m., in the building of the Czech Government Office, nábřeží E. Beneše 4, Praha 1.

Úřad vlády ČRThe Government will discuss, inter alia, the position of the Government of the Czech Republic concerning free movement of labour force for the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania upon accession of these countries to the EU; the Convergence Programme of the Czech Republic; a definition of housing according to the state social policy; capability of public budgets to co-finance with EU funds in the years 2007 through 2013; the proposal to provide funding in 2006 for payment by the state on behalf of persons for which public health insurance contributions are paid by the state; and the initiative of the Czech Government Council for Human Rights to establish a separate body responsible for investigating delinquent behaviour of members of armed security forces. The Government will also be informed about the results and findings concerning effectiveness of the development and operation of the ADIS information system and on the Analysis of the Condition of Research, Development and Innovation in the Czech Republic and Their Comparison with Other Countries - 2006.

The full agenda is available at: Government meeting agendas

07.25 p.m. – photographing
09.30 p.m. – press conference (to be modified if necessary)

Journalists are expected to appear no later than 15 minutes before the beginning.

Press Department of the Office of the Czech Republic Government