23. 3. 202212:32

Ministers Langšádlová and Gazdík: RESEARCHIN.CZ offers jobs and support for researchers from Ukraine

On the initiative of the Minister of Science, Research and Innovation Helena Langšádlová and the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Petr Gazdík, a website has been launched to support Ukrainian researchers fleeing the war. The RESEARCHIN.CZ website provides a simple overview of science and research job offers in Ukrainian and English language and is also linked to the pan-European platform Science for Ukraine.

We very much appreciate all the help that universities and research organisations offer to their colleagues fleeing the war from Ukraine. We would like to support this multifaceted assistance as much as possible, and therefore we want to provide researchers coming from Ukraine with a coordinated overview of job opportunities,” Ministers Langšádlová and Gazdík said in a joint letter addressed to the Czech Academy of Sciences, Association of Research Organizations, Czech Rectors Conference and the Council of Universities prior to the creation of the website.

On the website http://www.researchin.cz, which is operated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Czech National Agency for International Education and Research in cooperation with the Cabinet of the Minister of Science, Research and Innovation of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic, now provides an overview of job offers ranging from junior research positions, auxiliary positions in research organisations, senior research positions to doctoral study opportunities, together with basic information including an overview of social services for incoming refugees. The website’s link is also available on the Ministry of the Interior portal, which serves Ukrainian citizens as a central guidepost.

Research organisations and universities have been asked for assistance in creating a database of job offers for researchers from Ukraine. After filling in a simple job offer form, the job opportunities provided by individual institutions will be published automatically and free of charge on the RESEARCHIN.CZ central platform, as well as on the collaborating ResearchJobs.cz portal, in order to maximise their dissemination. If case of an interest, the offer will also be posted on the platform of the European initiative Science for Ukraine.

Taisiia Kryvoshei, whose mother, a Ukrainian scientist, had to leave Kharkov because of the ongoing war, contributed to the content of the site. “After my family came to live with me, I started to deal with formal matters and for a long time I could not find the information I needed. I called dozens of places, but they just referred me somewhere else. My mother is a doctor of science, teaches at the University of Kharkov in the department of dermatology and has almost 30 years of medical practice. Looking at her CV, I thought to myself that it is not possible for such people to end up in low-skilled positions. That is why I started working at the Office of the Government in the Cabinet of the Minister of Science and Research on a project that helps Ukrainian researchers – I knew exactly what they needed. I believe that thanks to researchin.cz, Ukrainian scientists will be able to continue their important and meaningful work,” Taisiia adds.