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17. 12. 202115:20

Václav Smolka appointed as the new spokesperson of the Government

At its initial meeting on 17 December 2021, Petr Fiala's cabinet appointed Václav Smolka as the new Government spokesperson. Smolka has come to the Office of the Government from the position of the spokesperson of the Civic Democratic Party.

Václav Smolka was born in Příbram where he attended grammar school. He graduated in politics and international relations from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.

With regard to the focus of his study, he decided to dedicate the whole of his professional career to politics and the media. During his studies, he started working as an assistant to Bohuslav Svoboda, Member of Parliament in the Health Committee, and as a member of the analytical section of the Civic Democratic Party (abbreviated as ODS in Czech). After two years in ODS, he moved to the position of deputy spokesperson and after another two years he became the spokesperson of the party. As part of his work, he was involved in several election campaigns (on behalf of ODS in municipal elections in Prague in 2018, and on behalf of the SPOLU (Together) coalition in the parliamentary elections of 2021) and he participated in the long-term communication of the ODS trademark and ODS representatives.

He speaks fluent English and knows basic German and Spanish. All of his life he has been an active member of a volunteer fire brigade.

Personal data:

Václav Smolka, born on 9 February 1993


2012–2017: Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, study programme Political Science and International Relations (Bachelor's Degree)
2006-2012: Six-grade General Grammar School Pod Svatou Horou in Příbram

Professional and public activity:

2019-2021: Spokesperson of the Civic Democratic Party 2017–2019: Deputy spokesperson of the Civic Democratic Party 2014-2018: Community councillor of Starosedlský Hrádek
2016–2017: Member of the analytical unit of the Civic Democratic Party


mobil: +420 721 222 124