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25. 1. 202119:21

Government Approves State Guaranteed Loans for Hotel Proprietors

At its 25 January 2021 session, the Government approved an amendment to a Government resolution, by which operators of accommodation facilities are now eligible for a bank loan with a State guarantee from Export Guarantee & Insurance Corp.

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the Government approved the proposed amendment to the Government resolution implementing some of the provisions of the Act on Insurance and Financing of Exports with State Support. This amendment now allows businesses in the accommodation service sector to apply for a bank loan with a State guarantee provided through the Export Guarantee & Insurance Corp. Previously, these businesses had not been included in the lines of business eligible for such guarantee because of their not being associated with export. By giving this group access to such guarantee, the Government intends to help hotel proprietors seriously impacted by the coronavirus crisis by supporting liquidity in the sector, preserving jobs, ensuring continued facility operations, maintaining the offer of existing services and encouraging the development of this sector in the coming years. 

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