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11. 5. 202019:17

Students taking secondary school & university entrance and final examinations will not have to wear face masks

Pupils and students taking university entrance and final examinations, and members of examination boards, will not have to wear face masks if they follow certain basic rules. At a meeting on Monday, 11 May 2020, the government discussed further exemptions from the obligation imposed earlier.

At entrance examinations for secondary schools and universities, for daily tuition in one-year foreign language courses or for the provision of counselling services, people in the room will not have to wear face masks if they maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres and there are no more than 15 people in the room. An exemption from the obligation to wear face masks will also be given to patients and healthcare professionals where this is necessary for healthcare provision. Relevant emergency measures from the Ministry of Health ( in Czech language), valid from 12 May, were noted by the government of Andrej Babi┼í.

Another wave of the relaxation on wearing face masks is planned by the Ministry of Health for Monday, 25 May. From that date, the wearing of face masks will be mandatory only in all interiors of buildings except for places of residence and in public transport. In all other places, it will be necessary to put on a face mask in the event that there are other people in the vicinity within two metres, with the exception of members of one’s household.

Ministers have also approved a bill setting a deadline for the submission of the bill on the state budget of the Czech Republic for 2021 to the Government and to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament. The Ministry of Finance has prepared the bill as a result of the current coronavirus crisis, as a result of which it is still unclear how big a loss of revenue the state budget will suffer next year and how big an increase in expenditures the state must prepare for. The Ministry of Finance has therefore proposed to extend the deadlines for preparing the budget for 2021 and the outlook for later years by informing the chapter administrators of proposals for revenues and expenditures for next year up to 15 August based on the Czech Republic's macroeconomic forecast issued to 10 August. The Ministry wants to submit a bill on the state budget for 2021 to the government by 30 September. More in the Ministry of Finance press release (in Czech language).

The Cabinet has also approved an amendment to the Public Procurement Act, which aims to simplify the purchase of personal protective equipment as emergency supplies following the end of the state of emergency. The Ministry of Regional Development proposes that in these cases the contracting authority does not have to meet all the current requirements of the Act and can significantly speed up the implementation of a purchase. For example, in the case of a negotiated procedure without publication, the contracting authority will not be obliged to verify the qualifications nor will it be obliged to exclude a selected supplier that does not have book-entry shares. The contracting authority will also not be obliged to verify the real owner of the selected supplier in the event of an emergency situation and in the event of the existence of a single only supplier. More information in the Ministry of Regional Development press release (in Czech language).

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