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10. 3. 202013:54

To prevent further spreading of coronavirus cultural, sporting and social events involving over 100 people are banned

From Tuesday, 10 March at 18:00, theatrical, musical, cinema performances and other artistic, sports and religious events, markets, trade fairs and other public and private events with an expected participation of more than 100 people are prohibited in the Czech Republic. The personal attendance of pupils and students at elementary, secondary and tertiary vocational schools, apprentice schools and at universities is also prohibited. On Tuesday 10 March 2020, Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch ruled on this on the basis of the development of the epidemiological situation concerning the spread of the coronavirus and at the recommendation of the extended praesidium of the State Security Council.

Pupils at elementary, secondary and tertiary vocational schools, apprentice schools and university students shall take special leave from Wednesday, 11 March until further notice  (in Czech language). Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch has decided to close all school facilities, public and private, with the exception of kindergartens, at the recommendation of the extended praesidium of the National Security Council. This is due to the worsening epidemiological situation due to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health has also proceeded to ban events where a higher concentration of people is expected at any one time (in Czech language). “Theatre, music, film and other performances, sports, cultural, religious, club, dance, traditional and similar events and other gatherings, exhibitions, festivals, fun fairs, tastings and trade fairs are prohibited with effect from 10 March 2020 at 18.00, this covering both private and public events with a participation exceeding 100 persons at any one time, until such time as this emergency measure is withdrawn. This prohibition does not apply to the meetings, sessions and similar events of constitutional bodies, public authorities, courts and other public or private entities being held by law," said Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

“We believe that these measures are necessary because in Europe, several countries do not have the coronavirus under control. The main reason why we decided to do this is the recommendation of regional hygienists and Deputy Minister of Health Prymula,” the Prime Minister added, calling on the public to understand the need for this measure, given the seriousness of the situation. “We understand that this will be very unpleasant for people, but in all events we want to prevent what happened in Italy, where the whole country is now under quarantine. This is certainly a very unpleasant situation for the whole of Europe. This is the reason for this measure, which we think is very important, and hopefully everyone will understand and support it. It really is very necessary,” said the Prime Minister.

The ban does not yet apply to kindergartens and other pre-school facilities. Even in this situation, the government wants to allow as many people as possible to go to work in order to prevent serious damage to the Czech economy. However, it will negotiate with the trade unions and employers to recognise, if necessary, absence from work for mothers with small schoolchildren as caring for a family member.

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