Press Advisories

21. 6. 201723:17

Prime Minister Sobotka installed new Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Stanislav Štech

On Wednesday, 21st June 2017, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka inaugurated the new Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Stanislav Štech, who was earlier appointed by the President of the Czech Republic at the Prague Castle. Stanislav Štech will replace Kateřina Valachová.

"I would like to wish the new minister Stanislav Štech a lot of strength, good luck and strong nerves in the next few months. Today we have discussed the key priorities that I can see as Prime Minister for the Ministry of Education in the following months until the end of this year. The themes are self-evident, I think, "   claimed Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, who also thanked the outgoing Minister, Kateřina Valachová, for the very good work and successes she has achieved. “I think she did a decent job for the benefit of the Czech education system,"   the prime minister stated.

Priority tasks of the new Minister of Education, Youth and Sports

  1. Intensive negotiations on the state budget for the education sector for 2018, especially regarding the increase in the budget for universities
  2. Ensuring funds to raise teachers' salaries by 15%
  3. Ensuring funds to even up the salaries of non-teaching staff
  4. Ensuring funds for regional education financing
  5. Ensuring transparent support for sport and prompt disbursement of the grant in accordance with the rules
  6. Quick and efficient use of the Research, Development and Education Operational Programme