Press Advisories

5. 11. 201623:55

The Czech Republic Continues To Intensify Relations With China, Plan For Bilateral Cooperation Between Both Companies Adopted At 16+1 Summit

The government of the Czech Republic continues to intensify cooperation with the People’s Republic of China and fulfil the strategic partnership between both countries. At today’s 16+1 Summit of Central and Easter European countries and China, the government representative of the Czech Republic and government representatives of the People’s Republic of China signed a plan of bilateral cooperation within the framework of the Silk Road initiative.

The document stipulates the priorities of cooperation for both countries for the coming period, in key sectors such as infrastructure, investments, science, research and development finance, transport and logistics, healthcare, civil aviation, agriculture, tourism and more.

The plan also reflects the government’s strategic objective to make the Czech Republic a transport and logistics hub between China and the region of central, eastern and south-eastern Europe, and a centre for Chinese financial institutions in the region.

Another aim of the adopted document is to intensify bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and the People’s Republic of China while simultaneously respecting the obligations arising from the international agreements of both countries.

The plan of bilateral cooperation between CZ and PRC within the Silk Road initiative is the result of inter-departmental cooperation within the Czech government. It was signed today on behalf of the Czech government by the representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister Lukáš Kaucký, and for the Chinese party by He Lifeng, Vice President of the National Development and Reform Commission.