Press Advisories

29. 9. 201623:19

Prime Minister Discussed Brexit and the Increasing Violence against Citizens of Other Countries with the British Prime Minister May by Phone

Today evening, the Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka was speaking by phone with the British Prime Minister Theresa May. The main topics were the increasing number of violent attacks of the British on citizens of other countries, including the Czechs, and the withdrawal procedure of UK from EU.

At the beginning of a phone call, Theresa May offered her sympathies to the death of a Czech citizen in London. The Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka expressed his thanks and emphasized that the Czech Government is concerned about the increase of hateful attacks in UK, which are aimed against the citizens of EU member countries.

Bohuslav Sobotka stated: “Animosity and violence are aimed also against the Czechs who live and work in UK. Unfortunately, one of these attacks was tragic and caused death of a Czech citizen. It is inadmissible for the Czech Government that the Czechs are attacked because of their origin and are treated as citizens of the second category. Therefore, I asked the British Prime Minister today to inform me what measures the British Government is going to take to prevent from the reoccurrence of these hateful attacks.  

The second topic of a phone call between the prime ministers was the withdrawal of UK from EU. The Prime Minister Sobotka stated that he fully respects the decision of British citizens and asked the British Prime Minister for the fastest possible explanation of a British position and notification on the withdrawal of UK from EU. It is important for the Czech Prime Minister and other leaders of member countries that the negotiations on new relationships between EU and UK start as soon as possible.

The Prime Minister emphasized also the long-term Czech position for coming negotiations – indivisibility of four freedoms. It is fundamental for the Czech Republic that the access to the internal market is connected with the application of free movement of goods, services, people as well as capital. It means that the Czech citizens working in UK shall not be discriminated in any manner.

At the end of a phone call, the Prime Minister Sobotka expressed sorrow over the statements of some British politicians who declare themselves negatively as regards key topics of the discussion on the EU´s future, including deeper integration of the European defense and security policy.