Press Advisories

15. 10. 201410:52

Prime Minister Vučić of Serbia will visit the Czech Republic upon an invitation of Prime Minister Sobotka

Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić will visit the Czech Republic on 31 October 2014 upon an invitation of Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka.

Czech Republic and Serbia have traditionally friendly relations based on political understanding, economic cooperation and close cultural connections with roots reaching back to the age of Czech National Awakening. Mutual cultural contacts have a long tradition. Nowadays many Serbians are living in the Czech Republic and dozens of Serbian students study at Czech universities. Also the Czech community in Serbia, counting about two thousand people who have been living since the 19th century mainly in the region of Banat, is an important bond between our countries.

Cooperation between the Czech Republic and Serbia has received new impulses in a last few years. Serbia is a very perspective trading partner of the Czech Republic and one of the priority countries for Czech exports. Czech businesses successfully participate in projects of railway infrastructure modernisation and road infrastructure development; further significant opportunities exist in energy sector. The Czech Republic has also implemented a number of development cooperation projects in the fields of health care, water management and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, defence and security are an important agenda of our mutual relations. Also, Czech experience related to EU accession process is valuable for Serbia as a candidate country of the EU. In 2014 the Union has launched accession talks with Belgrade.

The last visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia to the Czech Republic took place in 2010. Prime Minister of the Czech Republic visited Serbia last time in 2012.