Members of the Government

10. 7. 201311:00

Mgr. Jiří Balvín

Minister of Culture

Personal details

Date of Birth: 14th August 1953


1977 to 1981: Studied film and television production at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Professional and Public Activities

1974 to 1990: Worked in production in Czechoslovak Television music broadcasts.

1989 to 1991: Collaboration with the BBC.

1990 to 1991: Involved in the reorganisation of Czechoslovak Television, from January 1991 working as producer for team making music programmes.

1992 to 1997: Head of Production, Artistic Programmes Production Centre, Czech Television.

1998: Joined the Czech Tennis Association as Director of Marketing.

1999: Worked as producer and script editor for Czech Television entertainment programmes.

1990 to 2000: Director of Programme Output ČNTS – NOVA TV.

2000 to 2001: Independent producer.

2001: Chosen as General Director, Czech Television.

2003: Becomes General Director of Óčko music television.

2012 and 2013: Manager, Special Projects, Óčko television.