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29. 4. 2017 23:49

The EU27 is united before negotiation begin with the United Kingdom

European Council meeting, 29 April 2017. Source: European Council.
European Council meeting, 29 April 2017. Source: European Council.
At an extraordinary summit in Brussels on 29 April 2017, the leaders of twenty-seven member states approved a common position for negotiating the UK's departure from the EU. The agreed document fully matches the position of the Czech government.

"With our European partners, we have today backed a key document that is the basis for negotiations with the United Kingdom. Its rapid approval demonstrates the unity of the EU27 and shows that we are well prepared for Brexit. I am very pleased that the approved guidelines for the European Commission contain all the priorities promoted by the Czech government”, said Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka.

The European 27 has unanimously agreed on the basic principles for negotiations with the United Kingdom. These include unity of the EU27, the indivisibility of the four freedoms - freedom of movement of persons, goods, capital and services - and the principle of "nothing has been negotiated until everything is settled". Leaders today confirmed a clear sequence for the upcoming negotiations with the United Kingdom. First, the terms of withdrawal must be agreed. Only in the second phase will it be possible to negotiate the framework for future relations between the EU and the United Kingdom. The European Council will t henassess the progress made and decide on the next stages of the negotiations. A crucial role in the Brexit process will be held by the Member States, who will update the mandate of the European Commission on an ongoing basis.

The document adopted today, by which the European Commission will proceed in the talks with the United Kingdom, contains all the Czech priorities. These are the free movement of people and the rights of Czech citizens legally living and working in Britain. There is also financial compensation, where the UK has to meet all its obligations resulting from EU membership in particular in respect of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework. The third priority is the negotiation of a new agreement on mutual relations, which will allow the maintenance of the closest possible trade relations as well as the continuation of collaboration with the United Kingdom in the field of security and foreign policy.

On the fringe of the extraordinary European Council, the Czech Prime Minister today informed the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission of the Czech Republic's interest in being a candidate for the placement of the European Banking Authority in Prague. The Authority must be moved from London to one of the EU countries and as a country with developed infrastructure, stable banking and a position in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a suitable candidate for its relocation.

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